Saturday, April 1, 2017

I've changed my mind, I now do believe in Shape Shifting Reptilians.

David Icke was right all along, I never should have doubted him.

The Draconian are real, but thankfully Trump is the first United States President who isn't one of them.  Instead he's a Shape Shifting  Citrus, which is why he's building a Wall to protect Americans form Scurvy.

But it's not just the Royals and the Bankers, shape shifting Reptilians are everywhere, they could be your neighbor or your babysitter and you'd never know it.

You see the evidence that tipped the scale and finally opened my eyes was a Japanese Documentary TV series I've been watching, about a Shape Shifting Draconian who's also a Maid, and a Lesbian.  It's called Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid-Dragon.

This documentary also revealed that the Aztec feathered serpent god Quetzalcoatl is a real, but it turns out he is a she, and in her human form she makes Powergirl look like Konata.

So keep an eye out for people who could be Shape Shifting Reptilians.  And remember this Warning I gave you on this day, the first day of the month of April............

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Mandeans, Gnosticism, Mary and Jesus

The Mandeans are considered a form of Gnosticism.  But they also claim to be the sect John The Baptist lead.

Unlike many well known Gnostics, they did not revere Jesus.

Core Mandeans texts do not seem to mention Jesus by name, which is why some question whether or not Jesus is who is meant, some want to say it's Paul.

"MIRYAI am I, of the Kings of Babel a daughter, a daughter of Jerusalem's mighty rulers. They have given me birth; the priests brought me up. In the fold of their robe they carried me up into the dark house, into the temple. Adonai laid a charge on my hands and on my two arms: I must scour and cleanse the house [that is] without firmness. There is naught therein for supporting the poor, naught to revive the tormented souls."—Ancient Scroll of Miryai

"She ran away from the priests, fell in love with a man, and they took hold of each other’s hands. Hold of each other’s hands they took, went forth and settled at the mouth of Frash."—Ancient Scroll of Miryai

"We will slay them and make Miryai scorned in Jerusalem. A stake (Cross) will we set up for the man who has ruined Miryai and led her away. There shall be no day in the world when a stranger enters Jerusalem."—Sidra d’Yahya, Book of John the Baptist from Mandaic Doctrines of Kings.

And below comes from the Haran Gawaita.

"... and Haran Gawaita receiveth him and that city in which there were Nasoraeans, because there was no road for the Jewish rulers. Over them was King Ardban. And sixty thousand Nasoraeans abandoned the Sign of the Seven and entered the Median hills, a place where we were free from domination by all other races. And they built cult-huts (bimandia) and abode in the Call of the Life and in the strength of the high King of Light until they came to their end. And they loved the Lord, that is, Adonai, until in the House of Israel there was created something which was not placed in the womb of Mary, a daughter of Moses. It was hidden in her womb for nine months and bewitched her until the nine months were fulfilled and she was in labour and brought forth a messiah."

".. and he called the people to himself and spoke of his death and took away some of mysteries of the (Sacred?) Meal and abstained from the Food. And he took to himself a people and was called by the name of the False Messiah. And he perverted them all and made them like himself who perverted words of life and changed them into darkness and even perverted those accounted Mine. And he overturned all the rites. And he and his brother dwell on Mount Sinai, and he joineth all races to him, and perverteth and joineth to himself a people, and they are called Christians."  "... and from Nisrat, a city of the Jews, which is called the city of Qum ..."—Haran Gawaita.

I have mostly copied these from a Website wanting to say they refer to Paul not Jesus.  It simply doesn't work though.  This villain is specifically depicted as being Hung on a Stake or Crucified.  And he has a Brother who was also a leader of his sect, that fits Jesus brother James, but Paul is not known to have had any siblings.

The main thing that takes people by surprise is the Maria of this narrative being his lover rather then Mother.  Well I suspect that The Virgin Mary is not who was meant, but that it's an early example of people wanting to depict Mary Magdalene or Mary of Bethany as a lover of Jesus.

Why am I making a blog post on this?  I don't know, I just find it interesting.  I'm certainly not endorsing what the Mandeans believe.  As the only Ancient Gnostic sect to have survived to the modern day, they are an interesting anomaly.

They also depict The Holy Spirit (which is called Ruha d-Qudsha) as evil.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Freemasonry and British Espionage

I am a conspiracy theorist.  But I've grown to view the fixation on the Bavarian Illuminati as a bit of a distraction.  They are relevant, but I think the greater narrative is less that they took over Freemasonry and more that older agendas within Freemasonry hijacked their methods.  I've alluded to much of this before in Illuminati Vs Esoteric Freemasonry.

The source of the Conspiracy I believe in is British Freemasonry, and related institutions of the British Occult.  I find it suspicions that England's Monarchy was the only one never toppled by the Masonic manipulated Revolutions of the late 18th and 19th Centuries.  Given how Organized Freemasonry began in Britain and then spread to other regions.  A fact I make a point of when talking about in England and Egypt.

1717 is the year the Premier Grand Lodge of England was founded.  The same year George I became King establishing the House of Hanover.  In the party system of England at this time the Whig Party was the party that was most allied with King George himself.  It's interesting then how many notable Freemasons of this period, including Grand Masters, were Whigs.  Philip Wharton was the most notable exception, he was an Early Grand Master, but was a Jacobite rather then a Whig.  He also founded the original Hellfire Club, which has no provable connection to the more famous one.

Sir Robert Walpole was a Freemason, in fact it seems the Masons sometimes met in his residence.

He was a very important figure in the Whig party.  He is consider both the first Prime Minister, and still the longest serving one, his ambitions pretty much created the office and made it rather then the King the real Head of State.  His rise to power is also tied to The South Sea Bubble.

Many notable Freemasons of of the 18th Century, including Grand Masters, were members of the Royal Society first. Isaac Newton was in charge of the Royal Society from the beginning of the Century until his death in 1727.  Newton is not known to have been a Freemason himself.  But John Theophilus Desaguliers was a important early Grand Master and was also a student of Isaac Newton.  Newton was involved in Alchemy and Rosicrucianism, which goes back to Sir Francis Bacon and his mentor John Dee.  And among his occult studies was a fixation on studying the architecture of Solomon's Temple, an important theme of Freemasonry.

At the same time he ran the Royal Society he was also in charge of the Royal Mint.  Newton is really the one who invented the Gold Standard.   Contrary to what many Libertarians think Silver far more often then Gold was the standard unit of common currency for most of Human History.  Just studying financial transactions in The Bible will show that.

All these connections of Newton are probably why the authors of the Priory of Sion hoax made him one of it's Grand Masters.  It's a Hoax I know full well is a Hoax but I can't help but be curious about the logic that went behind who they chose to make Grand Masters.  At first it makes sense, people in positions to possibly care about an alternative claim to the French Throne, besides two random Italians.  But from 1595-1745 they are all Englishmen.  Most of them part of England's occult history.  Then two members of the House of Lorraine, then Frenchmen who weren't Monarchists at all.

Much has been written about how Espionage used to often be carried out via Occult Secret Society Circles, back before they had official Government Agencies like the CIA or MI6.  Francis Walsingham spymaster of Queen Elizabeth is often credited with inventing modern espionage.  There is reason to suspect John Dee served as a spy under him, and also Francis Bacon.

It is possible that within these circles there would also develop different factions driven by the different political factions England was divided into.  Support for the new post Stuart monarchs allied with the Whigs, and Jacobites supporting the Stuarts who were often Catholic.  But perhaps also Anti-Monarchists descended from various factions of the failed English Revolution.  Like those I talked about on my other Blog about Libertarian-Communism.

The early development of organized Freemasonry in France and Italy can both be traced to English Freemasonry.  Dilon claimed that Voltaire was initiated into a Lodge in England while he was there in his early life, but there is no real independent evidence to confirm that claim.  The Count of Saint-Germain also first popped up in England.  And Cagliostro founded his Memphis-Misraim lodge in England in 1776, then spread it all over the continent.

 Sir Francis Dashwood who founded the famous Hellfire Club has no known connection to the original Hellfire Club.  But like it's founder he was an enemy politically of Walpole.  And while not openly a Jacobite there is reason suspect he might have been one secretly.  Also I know of no evidence he was a Freemason but he was a member of the Royal Society.

Benjamin Franklin makes at least one known overlaps between the Hellfire Club and the Nine Sisters Lodge, a Lodge in France devoted to gaining French support for the American Revolution.  And I've discussed on this blog before reasons to suspect a Jacobite connection to the American Revolution.

Nicolas Bonneville wrote books on Freemasonry and while being involved in Freemasonry in England before returning to France to be a vital figure in the French Revolution.  It seems he was friends with John Oswald, I don't know if he can be proven to have been a Mason.

Erasmus Darwin was a documented member of English Freemasonry, as was his brother and son.  He was the Grandfather of Charles Darwin and Francis Galton, and actually anticipated their Pseudo-Scientific theories in his own writings.

In 1795-98 The Orange Lodge and Orange Order were founded, which could be viewed as the Anglican Church's counterpart to the Jesuits. It has been strongly politically involved in opposing both Irish and Scottish independence.  And they encourage belief in British Israelism.

In the 19th Century it starts becoming common for the Grand Master to be a member of the Royal Family.  The father of Queen Victoria was Grand Master and very involved in reorganizing Masonry at the time.  Later her son and Crown Prince would be Grand Master until he took the Throne and then the Grand Mastership was taken by his brother.  The Grand Masters during World War II were a brother and brother in-law of the then reigning King.  The current Grand Master is the heir of one of the WWII Grand Masters.

The movie From Hell is based on a Comic Book based on a real theory about Jack Ripper and his murders being tied to Freemasonry and the Royal Family.  Not sure if I think that theory is the correct one, but it's interesting.

Giuseppe Mazzini who was an important figure in both Italian Freemasonry and the Carbonari before creating his own Secret Societies (starting with Young Italy and Young Europa), was harbored in England and closely tied to Lord Palmerston, who had been Prime Minister, and had a complicated relationship with Napoleon III.  Palmerston has been a focus of many conspiracy theory themed books.  At the moment I do not know if it can be confirmed that he was a Freemason.  But I know he wasn't the official Grand Master as Dilon made it sound.

Aleister Crowley was an Englishman.  There is no proof he was a Mason like many claim.  But the Secret Societies he was involved with before creating his own were ones founded by 19th Century English Freemasons, chiefly the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Here is my message to Donald Trump

As someone who didn't vote for you but is from the region chiefly responsible for your victory (Racine Wisconsin to be specific) my message is this.

If you are only going to keep only one of your campaign promises.  It better be ending the Free Trade Agreements, like NAFTA and CAFTA and the TPP, and stuff directly related to that.  Your strong turn out in Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota was chiefly because of people who voted for Bernie in the Primary (I voted for Bernie) and you in the general because they voted chiefly on that issue.  Because we are the most hurt the ramifications of those agreements.

They don't care if you build the Wall or even necessarily want that.  Or about your Muslim Ban, or defeating ISIS.  And certainly not any of the typical Republican positions you espoused.

I was unwilling to vote for because I didn't trust you on this, given how your businesses have themselves benefited from those agreements.  And because I was offended by the Xenophobia you appealed to.

IF however you actually do keep this promise, and the fears Mexicans and Muslims have of your turns out to be unfounded.  You might, just maybe might win my vote for 2020.

But if not, you don't keep that promise, you will lose the people who chiefly gave this victory and have no hope of reelection.

The second promise I personally care about (in the sense of would like you to keep it) is legalizing Marijuana.  But for that I see no evidence many people voted on that.

Monday, August 15, 2016