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Ancient Aliens Debunked, by Chris White.

I agree with most of what's in this, but will mentions some issues.

I agree with everything about the megalithic structures. And that includes that I think the inner ramp theory for the Great Pyramid at Giza could be true. But I still consider all the evidence of Kufu being the Pyramid's builder to be complete BS (a probably forged misspelled piece of Grafiti, and a statue found very far away, and a very problematic chronologically absurd account from Herodotus). And consider it significant that the Giza Pyramids have none of the hieroglyphic inspirations that are all over the other Pyramids.  I don't think it was built before The Flood by Enoch anymore, but I also think it is firmly older then Kufu.

On the subject of UFOs in Medieval art. That the Annunciation paintings are all depicting the Angel appearing to the Shepherds is besides the point, in some the Angel looks like a UFO. This isn't considered evidence alone of any ongoing Ancient Astronaut interbreeding, just that people back then were seeing the same things we call UFOs today, but while we tend to interpret them in a SciFi context the medieval peoples probably thought they were seeing Angels, or Angel driven Chariots like the one that took Elijah.

Same with the Sun and Moon. Ancient mythologies frequently viewed at least the sun as being a Solar Chariot driven by a Sun deity. In Greek this chariot was often called Phaethon. Representing the Sun and Moon doesn't change that in that most interesting looking 14th century fresco the Sun and Moon gods seem to be driving "chariots" that look like their straight out of a Star Wars film.

Words translated "Chariot" can have broader meaning then just horse drawn carriage, the Biblical Hebrew word translated Chariot in the Bible is what the modern Israeli army calls their tanks. Ancient Aliens to my knowledge has never mentioned Josephus or 2 Maccabees. Jospehus relates reports that on the Passover before Jerusalem fell in 70 A.D. Armies were seen fighting each other in the Heavens. 2 Maccabees records a similar event prior to the Abomination of Desolation. An old Prophecy in The News episode talked about UFO Flaps, spikes in UFO activity, and that major ones seem to happen during/around wars in Modern Israel. The War in Heaven in Revelation 12 is thought of as one of those parts of Revelation we probably won't see or notice on Earth, but I don't think so, it too will proceed The Abomination of Desolation.

Similarly with the Vimanas. I agree the books claiming to give their blueprints are pure fakes. But I still think it's valid to speculate that people in Ancient India associated UFOs they saw with the "Palaces of the gods".

Anunnaki meaning "Princely seed or royal blood" could be also accurate, but acting like "from Heaven to Earth came" comes completely out of nowhere is simply wrong. Anu is the god of the Heavens and his name is thus also a word for the Heavens, likewise Ki for the Earth. Just like Ouranos/Uranus and Gaea/Gaia in Greek mythology, and like them they're the parents of an important group of gods. Similar pattern exists in Egyptian mythology but the genders are switched there. So the term can clearly be taken to mean "offspring of Heaven and Earth" which is then manipulated by Sitichin to "from Heaven to Earth came" to suit his little fantasy.

The word Nephilim occurs only in Genesis 6 and Numbers 13:33. In the latter they're giants are described as in the previous verse, but that doesn't prove Giants is the Etymology of the word. The -im at the end is the plural, The Bible only uses it in Plural, singular it's Nephiel. The root it comes from is Naphal, which means "to fall" or "Fallen" it's used in Isaiah 14:12 "how art thou fallen form heaven". Nephiel in the Hebrew spelling is just Naphal with a Yot added, adding a Yot makes a verb a noun.

What the word means is Fallen Ones, and I believe in these two passage it refers to the Fallen Angels themselves not the offspring, but I'm not at all denying interbreeding was going on. The offspring are called "mighty men of old". As far as their connection to the Anakim/Sons of Anak go I personally believe Anak was a Fallen Angel.

Citing the Septuagint to back up that Giants is what it means is a bad argument to me. The Septuagint is in fact a very problematic translation influenced by Hellenism, to me it's the source of many problems which is why I grow weary of fellow Christians citing it to solve or answer problems. In this case the Septuagint used the word Gigantes, which comes from Greek mythology. It's what our word "Giant" comes from, and they were Gigantic, but what the word means is "earth born" because they were the last group of children born to Gaea and Ouranos. The Septuagint Translators were probably the first to mistakenly think the Nephilim were the offspring not the Angels themselves.

On on the website they recommend
He just ignores the well known role the letter Yot plays in making verbs nouns in Hebrew. And saying if Nephilim meant fallen ones It'd be pronounced "Nephulim" is really stupid.  Frankly rabbis aren't even confident we are pronouncing these Ancient Hebrews words as they originally were meant to be, adding vowel indicators to the text came much much much latter.

He also theorizes the word is Aramaic in origin and that it only entered Hebrew after the Captivity. This is an attack to me on the validity of Scripture, I firmly believe the Masoretic text of the Torah accurately represents Moses wrote it (Deuteronomy was probably finished by Joshua).

"the sons of God and the nephilim are not the same; they are different groups". The Bible is very willing to call the same group by different names in the same passage. "Son of God" applies to all Angles, Nephilim only to the fallen ones. Believing that Nephilim refers to offspring also has the group called something else in the same verse, the Gibborim.

Also I believe when they fell they ceased to qualify as Sons of God, just as Adam ceased to at his Fall, It's in the Resurrection believers becomes Sons of God.  Oketerion is a rare Greek word used only twice in The Bible.  Paul uses it to describe what we gain in the Resurrection and Jude what the Angels that sinned lost.

Sitchin's Sumerian is horrible, but on this word his understanding of Hebrew, while twisted to suit his purpose, is better then Heiser's. Chuck Missler's interpretation of the word agrees with mine, and I trust him on matters of Hebrew etymology more then either of them.

The fact that Angels Biblically had physical forms is absolutely accurate. "The men of Sodom wanted to rape them" correct, Rape was the Sexual Sin being condemned here, not Homosexuality.

To History Channel's Anceint Aliens, Why not consider an alternate view?

There are some scholars who rather then viewing that Angels were actually Aliens, view that the Extra-Terrestrial Aliens we see now are actually Fallen Angels and/or Angel-Human hybrids and/or Demons.

Now your probably thinking, how can one argue that to a non-believer from a logical point of view? Clearly fully believing that theory requires some pre-disposition to viewing The Bible as the final authority on all matters.

But I do feel I can demonstrate that the "Aliens" people claim to be seeing, (if they do really exist which is a big if) don't fit in well with an Atheistic Evolutionary-Uniformitarian-Big Bang Theory view of the Universe.

I don't unfortunately remember where to source it from, but I remember Carl Sagon once said "A human being could reproduce with a Petunia before he could an Alien, because they at least evolved on the same planet".

There is a massive variety of what kind of Life exists just on this Planet, Land, Sea, Deep Sea ect. And not all even fit the basics of biological body design we bi-pedal mammals are used to. So indeed, life on a completely different Planet with almost certainly completely different even basic atmospheric conditions (The Conditions on Earth are dependent on a lot of "convenient coincidences") would produce very different kinds of Life.

And indeed, the Creationist's favorite argument against Evolution and Atheism is that the odds were highly against Life or even the conditions to support life occurring by chance even once here on Earth. If it did happen again, it certainly couldn't be the same basic kind of life.

Yet the Aliens people keep seeing, all fit into three types.
1. Pledians or Nordics, they look like humans (white Aryan looking humans) except kind of taller and vaguely "godlike". Sort of like Tolkien Elves (who Tolkien never actually described as having pointy ears).
2. Reptilians or Draconians, various types of Pi-Pedal or Humanoid lizards or amphibians, many resembling the Vleiciratpors as their depicted in Jurassic Park.

Both of those are clearly merely slightly different from Terrestrial life we see every day.

3. The Greys, they are the most truly Alien looking ones. But when you get right down to it even they're clearly based on the basics of vertebrate terrestrial biology. They have 2 legs, 2 arms, a torso and head with eyes ect. Those features aren't even universal on Earth.

The typical cliche Sci-Fi movie explanation is that their taking a from we're used to to make us more comfortable. But that only works for option 1, the Reptilian and Grey forms don't comfort people, they terrify them.

The following observation is mostly made I suspect by people discrediting the sightings all together. "their just imagining what their used to seeing in horror and sci-fi films" ect. And I'm not saying any of it is provable. But if you believe in Intelligent Design, then yes God could certainly design life like we see here elsewhere if he so desired to.

The reason why Biblical Creationists are not fond of believing in natural life (or at least not sentient natural life) independent of Earth isn't really a matter of refusing to believe God left something out of Genesis 1 and 2. It has to do with the New Testament message.

The Sacrifice Jesus made can only be made once, The Godhead became Human not just temporarily but permanently, it can't be repeated.

So if Alien life exists, they are Beings that either never fell and are thus sinless, or beings that are fallen with no hope of redemption, and would essentially become like Tolkien's Balroqs, Orcs and Trolls and other perverted life forms created by Melkor The Morgoth.

Yet Adam's fall effected the entire Universe, not just Earth (unlike what Lewis's Space Trilogy Cosmology implies), that's why things like Black Holes and Supernovas happen. So it't be unfair for benevolent Sinless sentient life to be out there suffering because of what Adam did.

In a sense though, that is exactly what Angels are, the only other sentient life God created, and they're all either perfectly loyal servants of God, or completely lost fallen gods of evil.

Ephesians 6:12 "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the cosmic-despots of the darkness thereabout the universe, and against spiritual wickedness in celestial places."  Because the word translated "Heavenly places" is defined by the Strongs thusly
 Epouranios (ep-oo-ran'-ee-os);
Word Origin: Greek,  Adjective, Strong #: 2032

existing in heaven
things that take place in heaven
the heavenly regions
heaven itself, the abode of God and angels
the lower heavens, of the stars
the heavens, of the clouds
the heavenly temple or sanctuary
of heavenly origin or nature
KJV Word Usage and Count
heavenly  16
celestial  2
in heaven  1
high  1
 Now, as to the 3 varieties of Aliens.

1. Besides the Cheirbuim/Seraphim, Angels when they appear to humans look like Humans (though often of above average Badassness). It's suggested that you could have entertained angels without even knowing it, in Hebrews 13:2.

2. Genesis 3:15 foretells a hatred between the "Seed of the Woman" and the "Seed of the Serpent". This is the first Messianic Prophecy (and I can document that Jews have viewed it as such) but is also felt to be possibly of the "Antichrist" as well. The idea of the Serpent's seed is alluded to elsewhere too, like Isaiah 14:29 (my own translation but based on the JKV).  "for out of the serpent's root shall come forth a Basilisk, and his fruit shall be a Flying Fire-Dragon."

So perhaps they're the direct offspring of the Fallen Cherub (Ezekiel 28:11-19, defines Satan as a Cherub, the Issiah verse above used Saraph, a synonym for Cherub). Or perhaps Fallen Angels who've taken on the form of their new master, perhaps by Drinking Lizard Blood (the connection between Fallen Angels and Blood drinking could be a whole new discussion), and then the offspring with Human women with those Angels.

3. The greys are the most well known, probably because they're the lowest of them, doing most of the dirty work. In-spite of people's assumptions, many who have experienced and studied them view the Greys as not very intelligent. And their physical form while based on basic Human mechanics as I said, is very flimsy and incomplete looking. I've seen people like David Ike suggest they're really just some sort of robotic suits for much smaller reptilians.

My own hypothesis is that they're artificially created bodies being wielded by demons. Demons in my view are distinct from Fallen Angels, their spirit beings that need to posses a host in order to interact physically with our four dimensional realm. I believe their origin is that their the spirits of Angel-Human Hybrids who perished in the Flood. Based on Isaiah 26 (The word rendered "descended" is really Rephaim, introduced in Genesis 14) their not going to be Resurrected (which all Humans will be, saved or unsaved) which likely means they don't go to the same Afterlife.

That took longer then I expected. I hope I've at least intrigued some people.

The book Secrecy or Freedom, Sumerizes other old Conspiracy books

One book I recently ordered off Amazon cheaply is Secrecy of Freedom, a book with gives in-depth reviews of a dozen older books going back 200 years. A shot statement of the book's goal exists here.
I ordered it off Amazon
And I shall copy the review of it I left there.
This book is a review of a number of older earlier books, some from the 19th Century. It's now allot cheaper then buying all these books on their own, some are rare now. It presents some of the most detailed information you can find on the History of Conspiracies, but there are some issues of perspective.

Many of the books chosen (Starting with favoring Barruel over Robinson) presents thing from a very Pro-Catholic and Anti-Protestant (especially Anglican) perspective. Tarpley especially is worth taking issue with. He says the Reformation was created by Venice is response to a threat against them from the the early 1500s in order to divide Europe. This ignores men like Girolamo Savonarola and John Wycliffe who were reformers well before Luther. And there were always groups in Western Europe that did not submit to the Vatican. He refers to England having been Catholic for 900 years before the time of Henry VIII, but the Britons were already Christian before Augustine came with roots going back to the First Century, and he persecuted these Celtic Christians.

Now, I am not a mainline Protestant. I'm a member of no Denomination as I hate organized religion. But I am philosophically a cross between an Independent Baptist and a Pentecostal. So I do agree, the more organized Reformation of men like Calvin was the Church of Sardis.

The first 2 of the 3 Webster books covered are very good at giving detailed information on the French Revolution and latter European Revolutions. That show that the common people wanted a Constitutional Monarchy from of Government inspired by America's, but the Conspirators manipulated events to follow their Anti-Christian and Socialist agenda. The third however as it talks about about the history of Monotheistic Religion gets into allot of questionable areas.

My last significant comment is on Treason in America. Mostly this books is all very good information, but one area that surprised me, is seeing a book on Conspiracy that says Andrew Jackson's ending the Central Bank was a bad thing and gave more power to the English aristocrats. The fact is the Bank was controlled by the British. I can agree then Von Buren's actions on how to deal with the changes in Economy following the Bank's removal were problematic.

The book also has a few points were it debunks the notion of viewing it as a Jewish Conspiracy. Which is very good.
 Tarpley's book can be read online free here.
The the pre-1923 ones should be possible to find online free too, but Dillon's might not be because of it having been lost till rediscovered in 1950.

I've learned since I first made that review that Webster's books make some major errors.  She confuses the two Dukes of Brunswick.  And she desired to connect the Illuminati to only one factions of the French Revolutionaries.  In fact they had ties to many factions, including the Duke of Orleans.

The mission statement of groups like the Illuminati, the Jacobins and the Carbonari may have been opposition to Royalty and Aristocracy in-principle, and the rank and file members and their non member supporters truly believed that ideal. But the evidence suggests the power behind them was one clan of Nobility trying to wipe out their rivals.

Chief among them were the British Oligarchy who gained absolute power in Britain upon the establishment of the House of Hannover with King George I, who controlled the Bank of England and the East India Company. But outside England they were allied with the Venetian Nobility, and a collection of Germanic Noble and Royal families they intermarried with.  The enemies they wanted dealt with were mainly the French (main Bourbon line) and Austrian Royal Families of the time originally, but in time they grew to really hate Russia's Tzars.  The Duke of Orleans was related the Bourbans, but had a connection to those German families.

Fredrick The Great king of Prussia who was a key collaborator of Voltaire (in known to have played a vital role in forming German Freemasonry in the years before the founding of the Bavarian Illuminati) was a grandson of George I. Wilhelm IX, Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel who played an important role in the biography of Mayer Amschel Rothschild (the relationship didn't begin till the early 1800s however, and neither the Freemasons or Jews in the late 1700s allowed Jews to join) was a Grandson of George II. And his Brother Karl was the number two person in German Freemasonry, and was inducted into the Illuminati in 1782. Another Grandson of George II was William V, Prince of Orange-Nassau an ancestor of the current Royal Family of the Netherlands, who are key players in the Bilderberg group. Duke Ernest II of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg (1745–1804) harbored Adam Weishaut during his latter life, he's of the same Noble family that produced Albert, Prince Consort of Queen Victoria as well as Victoria herself, and thus the current Windsor dynasty.  Also related to both the Hannover and Saxe-Gotha families were the Dukes of Brunswick, the older of whom was the Grand Master of German Freemasonry.

Voltaire had been originally inducted into Freemasonry in England, and there is evidence of British and Venetian spies being involved in the French Revolution. According to Tarply both Cagliostro and Casanova were Venetian agents. The British Crown and it's system was never even scratched by the Revolutions of the 19th Century. They had Popular Uprisings in 1848, but they could never get the Support of the grander Masonic-Carbonari Conspiracy. Dillon notes how Mazzini neglects to mention the Irish as being among the people who deserve Freedom and Independence.

Another mysterious figure is Nubius. In the records available to Dillon he is known only by his Codename (which is Nubius) his real name and identity isn't known. (This can clearly make him very attractive to a writer of fiction, like myself).  All we know is....

1. He became leader of the Carbonari many years before Weishaut died in 1830 (at least by 1822), and after Weishaut's Death he became head of the entire Conspiracy.

2. He was an Italian Nobleman.

3. He was alive at least as late as August 9th 1838. But died soon after (maybe in 1838, or a few years latter, probably no latter then 1844), was possibly Poisoned by Mazzini or his supporters who wanted to take the leadership of the Carbonari for himself, but Nubius didn't even let him into the Inner Circle (the Alta Vendita) because Mazzini desired a strategy that he considered to aggressive and bloody at that point.

I have come to suspect he's possibly Philippe Buonarroti/Filippo Giuseppe Maria Ludovico Buonarroti. 

After Nubius's death Mazzini gained power within the Carbonari and Italian Freemasonry, but Lord Palmerston become the leader of the grander Conspiracy.

Count Calgiostro can be the one most difficult to study. Many real Conspiracy Theory websites that don't do enough fact checking have trouble separating the real figure from the fiction of Alexandre Dumas. Only the Second Dumas novel featuring him The Queen's Necklace is even loosely based on his real history. The narrative of Joseph Balsamo a.k.a. Memoirs of a Physician set in 1770 to 1773 is pure fiction, but the fantastic background he claims for himself is basically what the real Calgiostro claimed.

Cagliostro is historically attributed with playing a key role in the history of the Masonic Rite of Misriam. Which latter merges with the rite of Memphis to form the rite of Memphis-Misraim, the exclusive Masonic order William Schneobelen says he joined and reached the 90th Degree of.

There were also Pro-Catholic and Pro-Royalist secret societies, lead by the Jesuits, in opposition to the Masonic-Illuminati-Carbonari conspirators.

Their mission statement being The Secret Treaty of Verona of 1822.
Page 6781

25 April 1916

      I wish to put in the RECORD the secret treaty of Verona of  November 22, 1822, showing what this ancient conflict is between the rule of the few and the rule of the many.  I wish to call the attention of the Senate to this treaty because it is the threat of this treaty which was the basis of the Monroe doctrine.  It throws a powerful white light upon the conflict between monarchial government and government by the people.  The Holy Alliance under the influence of Metternich, the Premier of Austria, in 1822, issued this remarkable secret document :

[American Diplomatic Code,  1778 - 1884,  vol.  2 ;  Elliott,  p. 179.]


      The  undersigned,  specially  authorized  to  make  some  additions  to  the  treaty  of  the  Holy  Alliance,  after  having  exchanged  their  respective  credentials,  have  agreed  as  follows :

      ARTICLE  1.  The  high  contracting  powers  being  convinced  that  the  system  of  representative  government  is  equally  as  incompatible  with  the  monarchial  principles  as  the  maxim  of  the  sovereignty  of  the  people  with  the  high  divine  right,  engage mutually  in  the  most  solemn  manner,  to  use  all  their  efforts  to  put  an  end  to  the  system  of  representative  governments,  in  whatever  country  it  may  exist  in  Europe,  and  to  prevent  its  being  introduced  in  those  countries  where  it  is  not  yet  known.

      ART.  2.  As  it  can  not  be  doubted  that  the  liberty  of  the  press  is  the  most  powerful  means  used  by  the  pretended  supporters  of  the  rights  of  nations  to  the  detriment  of  those  princes,  the  high  contracting  parties  promise  reciprocally  to  adopt  all  proper  measures  to  suppress  it,  not  only  in  their  own  states  but  also  in  the  rest  of  Europe.

      ART.  3.  Convinced  that  the  principles  of  religion  contribute  most  powerfully  to  keep  nations  in  the  state  of  passive  obedience  which  they  owe  to  their  princes,  the  high  contracting  parties  declare  it  to  be  their  intention  to  sustain  in  their  respective  States  those  measures  which  the  clergy  may  adopt,  with  the  aim  of  ameliorating  their  own  interests,  so  intimately  connected  with  the  preservation  of  the  authority  of  the  princes ;  and  the  contracting  powers  join  in  offering  their  thanks  to  the  Pope  for  what  he  has  already  done  for  them,  and  solicit  his  constant  cooperation  in  their  views  of  submitting  the  nations.

      ART.  4.  The  situation  of  Spain  and  Portugal  unite  unhappily  all  the  circumstances  to  which  this treaty  has  particular  reference.    The  high  contracting  parties,  in  confiding  to  France  the  care  of  putting  an  end  to  them,  engaged  to  assist  her  in  the  manner  which  may  the  least  compromit  them  with  their  own  people  and  the  people  of  France  by  means  of  a  subsidy  on  the  part  of  the  two  empires  of  20,000,000  of  francs  every  year  from  the  date  of  the  signature  of  this  treaty  to  the  end  of  the  war.

      ART.  5.  In  order  to  establish  in  the  Peninsula  the  order  of  things  which  existed  before  the  revolution  of  Cadiz,  and  to  insure  the  entire  execution  of  the  articles  of  the  present  treaty,  the  high  contracting  parties  give  to  each  other  the  reciprocal  assurance  that  as  long  as  their  views  are  not  fulfilled,  rejecting  all  other  ideas  of  utility  or  other  measure  to  be  taken,  they  will  address  themselves  with  the  shortest  possible  delay  to  all  the  authorities  existing  in  their  States  and  to  all  their  agents  in  foreign  countries,  with  the  view  to  establish  connections  tending  toward  the  accomplishment  of  the  objects  proposed  by  this  treaty.

      ART.  6.  This  treaty  shall  be  renewed  with  such  changes  as  new  circumstances  may  give  occasion  for,  either  at  a  new  congress  or  at  the  court  of  one  of  the  contracting  parties,  as  soon  as  the  war  with  Spain  shall  be  terminated.

      ART.  7.  The  present  treaty  shall  be  ratified  and  the  ratifications  exchanged  at  Paris  within  the  space  of  six  months.

Made  at  Verona  the  22d  November,  1822.

For  Austria :-----------------------------------------------------METTERNICH.

For  France :------------------------------------------------CHATEAUBRIAND.

For  Prussia :---------------------------------------------------------BERNSTET.

For  Russia :------------------------------------------------------NESSELRODE.

      I ask to have printed in the CONGRESSIONAL RECORD this secret treaty, because I think it ought to be called now to the attention of the people of the United States and of the world.  This evidence of the conflict between the rule of the few verses popular government should be emphasized on the minds of the people of the United States, that the conflict now waging throughout the world may be more clearly understood, for after all said the great pending war springs from the weakness and frailty of government by the few, where human error is far more probable than the error of the many where aggressive war is only permitted upon the authorizing vote of those whose lives are jeopardized in the trenches of modern war.

      Mr.  SHAFROTH.  Mr. President, I should like to have the senator state whether in that treaty there was not a coalition formed between the powerful countries of Europe to reestablish the sovereignty of Spain in the Republics of South and Central America?

      Mr.  OWEN.  I was just going to comment upon that, and I am going  to take but a few moments to do so because I realize the pressure of other matters.  This Holy Alliance, having put a Bourbon  prince upon the throne of  France by force, then used France to suppress the constitution of Spain immediately afterwards, and by this very treaty gave her a subsidy of 20,000,000 francs annually to enable her to wage war upon the people of Spain and to prevent their exercise of any measure of the right of self-government.  The Holy Alliance immediately did the same thing in Italy, by sending Austrian troops to Italy, where the people there attempted to exercise a like measure of liberal constitutional self-government ;  and it was not until the printing press, which the Holy Alliance so stoutly opposed, taught the people of Europe the value of liberty that finally one country after another seized a greater and greater right of self government, until now it may be fairly said that nearly all the nations of Europe have a very large measure of self government.    However, I wish to call the attention of the Senate and the country to this important history in the growth of  constitutional popular self-government.    The Holy Alliance made its powers felt by the wholesale drastic suppression of the press in Europe, by universal censorship, by killing free speech and all ideas of popular rights, and by the complete suppression of popular government.    The Holy Alliance having destroyed popular government in Spain and in Italy, had well-laid plans also to destroy popular government in the American colonies which had revolted from Spain and Portugal in Central and South America under the influence of the successful example of the United States.    It was because of this conspiracy against the American Republics by the European monarchies that the great English statesman, Canning, called the attention of our government to it, and our statesmen then, including Thomas Jefferson, took an active part to bring about the declaration by President Monroe in his next annual message to the Congress of the United States that the United States should regard it as an act of hostility to the government of the United States and an unfriendly act if this coalition or if any power of Europe ever undertook to establish upon the American Continent any control of  any American Republic or to acquire any territorial rights.    This is the so-called Monroe doctrine.    The threat under the secret treaty of Verona to suppress popular governments in the American Republics is the basis of the Monroe doctrine.    This secret treaty sets forth clearly the conflict between monarchial government and popular government and the government of the few as against the government of the many.    It is a part, in reality, of developing popular sovereignty when we demand for women equal rights to life, to liberty, to the possession of property, to an equal voice in the making of the laws and the administration of the laws.    This demand on the part of the women is made by men, and it ought to be made by men as well as by thinking, progressive women, as it will promote human liberty and human happiness.    I sympathize with it, and I hope that all parties will in the national conventions give their approval to this larger measure of liberty to the better half of the human race.

Official Records of the Union Confederate Navies in the War of the Rebellion
 One thing both conspiracies had in common was being threatened by the United States Constitution.

In time however the Catholic Church was completely taken over the Masonic conspirators. John the 23rd played a key role in that take over, as did the P2 Lodge. John Paul II cemented it.

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This is my Conspiracy theory Blog

I shall discus many Conspiracy related subjects.  The Conspiracies I believe, and the myths I feel to many in the Truth movement hold to.