Sunday, October 4, 2015

Tupac, Biggie, Equinoxes and New Moons

I've been into researching Pac and Big's murders on and off since the beginning of my time as a Conspiracy Theorist.

But there is something I noticed just recently.  Tupac and Biggie were killed almost exactly sux months apart.  Tupac was shot on the 7th and died on the 13th of September 1996 and Biggie was shot and killed on the 9th of March 1997.

Then I remembered that September is the month the Autumn Equinox happens, and March the Spring Equinox.  They weren't killed on the Equinoxes which are the 21st-23rd, but about the same amount of time before them.

The Autumn Equinox is in the midst of the time that days are getting shorter, thus it is sort of the sun set of the year.  The Sun sets in the West, Tupac was the biggest West Coast rapper.  The Spring Equinox is in the midst of the time that the days get longer, hence the sun rise of the year.  The Sun rises in the East, Biggies was the biggest East Coast rapper.

Then I felt compelled to look at the Lunar cycles, because I'd already noticed that the day Tupac died,  September 13th 1996 was the day before the New Moon.  The last day of the month on a lunar calendar.  Well I checked Stellerium and other sources and March 9th was also the day before the New Moon.  So the last New Moon before each Equinox the two biggest Rappers were killed.

Biggie was shot and died the same day, but Tupac was shot 6 days before (died on the 7th Day) so you may be thinking "how could that be planned".  Well back when I theorized Tupac might have faked his death (a theory I abandoned in 2003) I had noted how at first the Doctors were claiming he was probably gonna live, but then on Friday the 13th suddenly he's dead.  It could be someone paid off doctors in that hospital to manipulate things.

That the amount of time Tupac spent in the Hospital happened to correspond to the name of his last album has become a very big deal to people.  Tupac gave it that name apparently because it took 7 days to record.

There is a trend out there of people saying the Illuminati references Tupac made were really against conspiracy theorists.  This is really a massive oversimplification out of context manipulation of what he said.  You can certainly demonstrate from things he said with no Illuminati references that he certainly believed the Government was corrupt and controlled by the Super Rich.  Which is the gist of what all Conspiracy theorists agree on.

The ultimate point of what Tupac said about Pharakon in his last interview was that he was accusing Pharakon of being part of it.  Indeed the Nation of Islam, the religion Pharakon leads has deep Masonic roots.  That is why I remain suspicious of Professor Griff, as long as he's Nation of Islam he could be a dis info agent.

Now Tupac does seem to have felt the name Illuminati was a bit of a distraction, and now so do I, part of the theme of this blog is that the Bavarian Illuminati has a tenuous connection to what's going on today, but it's not really the prime origin of it.

And Tupac lived pre-Zeitgeist, when most of those talking about the Illuminati, the authors of the main books on it, were all Right Wingers talking about it with a Right Wing agenda.  That is one reason Tupac may have wanted to distance his conspiracy theories from that name.

Tupac was someone they had reason to silence, Biggies was probably killed just so to prop up the whole East Vs West thing and distract people.