Thursday, June 16, 2016

We're seeing the Hegelian Dialectic in action

There is no doubt in my mind this Orlando shooting was staged, now that I see how it's all playing out.

In this case though it's not a standard Thesis-Antithesis, but rather more Demthesis (Democrat agenda) and Repubhesis (Republican agenda).

Demthesis: Ban guns, or at least require background checks, and maybe throw Hate-Crime legislation in there.

Repubthesis: Ban Muslims, be afraid of Muslims, spy on the Mosques, build a wall, turn away refugees, wage war in the middle east, increase military spending and the Patriot act.

Synthesis: Ban people on the Terror Watch list from buying Guns.

It didn't take long at all for the Dems to make that their starting point.  And now Trump is calling for it saying he's gonna sit down with the NRA on it.  And we got Fox News Pundits saying it's "Common Sense".

Don't forget thanks to the Patriot Act and everything passed after 9/11 how insanely easy it is to get put on the watch list.  You don't have to be a Muslim, plenty of White-Male-Christians have gotten on there for being Anti-Authoritarian.  But if you are a Muslim, good luck staying off it, I'll bet you are on it and don't even know it.

Basically this "compromise" will effectively kill the Second Amendment, the Dems won't need anything else they are calling for.  And the Islamophobes won't need anything else either once they've used this to disarm every Muslim.

This was the real goal all along, don't be fooled, we need to fight this tooth and nail.  Remember the first Gun Law in this country was supported by the NRA and was a law banning the newly freed slaved from owning guns.  So it's not the first time bigotry has factored into restricting gun rights.