Friday, March 4, 2016

Alex Jones has lost it supporting Trump

I should have said this much sooner, not that what I say matters.

But I stuck by Alex Jones long after the trend of calling him a shill started.  

I used bet my own credibility on IMDB boards on him to an extent, saying yes I know on the Radio he gets speculation and exaggerates but the actual articles on his site and material in his documentaries are based entirely on they admit.

But when I heard him come in favor of Trump I just couldn't believe it, how could someone who knows the game as well as he does be so easily suckered in.  Who opposed Islamophobia all through the Bush years suddenly be all on board with it.

I'm Nostalgic for listening to his Radio show during the Ron Paul campaigns.  So I emotionally don't want to believe he'd been a shill this whole time.  But I see no other explanation then he's just simply lost his mind.

That alarm bell helped make me more open to what Terry Melanson said here.

I'm still stewing on this.

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